Car Accident Attorney Atlanta, Georgia

My 25% Lawyer is a top car accident attorney based in Atlanta, GA. Our Law firm offers unmatched representation throughout the State of Georgia. Our 25% flat fee structure creates value for clients by ensuring that they get the largest amount of cash in their pocket after all legal fees and medical expenses are deducted.

In Atlanta, using your car to get around town is almost a necessity. Most Atlanta residents use their car to travel to the grocery store, to and from work, and to doctor appointments. Our cars save us a vast amount of time. Unfortunately, even if you are the safest driver, an injury may occur. 

With many residents getting back on the road,  Motor Vehicle Accidents are beginning to rise.   Car Accident Attorney Atlanta GeorgiaGetting into a car crash can not only ruin your day, but also may cause serious injury depending on the type of vehicle involved in the crash, the rate of speed that the vehicles were traveling at, road conditions, and many other factors. When an injury does strike, medical bills begin to accumulate, Injuries may cause some to miss time from work, and may cause day-to-day life to change due to the pain and suffering. The injuries and financial burden last much longer than the crash, potentially changing the life of an innocent driver. 

When an accident occurs, it is important to seek medical help if anyone is injured first, then call the local police or 911. After the car crash, exchange information with the other party. Once you have left the scene, it is important that you consult an attorney before speaking with either the insurance company or signing any paperwork.   

My25% lawyer believes that you shouldn’t have to suffer due to someone else’s negligence. We also believe in putting the most money in your pocket with our 25% contingency agreement, which means you only pay if we win! Our experienced team of attorneys and paralegals are available to help any Georgia resident who was a victim of an injury due to someone else’s negligence. Looking for the best car accident attorney in Atlanta, Georgia? Look no further and contact us to consult your case. Call us at (833) 25-IS-ALL, That’s (833) 254-7255, and claim your free consultation today.