My 25% Lawyer Checklist

25% Flat Fee

Lower Fees = More $ in your pocket

Experienced Attorneys

Excellent Customer Service/Reviews




Why choose My 25% Lawyer?

We charge only 25%. We are aggressive. We have a proven 20 year track record of successful results and excellent customer service.

How much are fees at other personal injury law firms?

Other firms charge 33 1/3% of your settlement check and rise to 40% if you file a lawsuit.

Will My25% Lawyer ever increase my fees to 33 or 40%?

No, never! Your fees will always remain at 25%, even if we file a lawsuit.

Can you give a real example of a client’s savings by using My25% Lawyer?

On a recent $90,000 settlement, our client pocketed an extra $7,000 by paying only 25% in fees. If she had paid 33% at another firm, that $7,000 would have gone to the attorney instead.

What does, “You Pay Nothing Unless You Win” mean?

The phrase is used to entice you to sign because there are no upfront fees due. The question you should ask is, “How much do I pay on the back end when I do win?”

Does lower fees mean lower customer service?

Absolutely not. Our focus on excellent customer service is the #1 reason for our success and the reason our clients consistently rank us best in class among law firms.

What size cases does My25% Lawyer handle?

Whether your case is $1,000 or $10 million, our attorneys are experienced in ALL injury cases

Are My25% Lawyers experienced?

Yes. Our attorneys have been successfully negotiating injury claims in Georgia for over 20 years.