If you or someone you know has been injured while on someone else’s property, the owner may be responsible for compensating you under the legal doctrine of premises liability.

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When we see a character slip and fall down in a movie or on TV, it can just as easily be for comedic effect as it can be for demonstrating any danger. However, in the real world slip and falls are anything but a laughing matter. In the real world, keeping a property free of the types of dangers that can result in a slip and fall (or other type of accident) is not just a good idea but a legal responsibility that is too often not taken seriously.

When someone slips and falls down in a supermarket because of a spill, or tumbles down poorly designed stairs, the accidents are called “premises liability cases” and can entitle the victim to serious compensation for the injuries they received. It’s for this reason that it is extremely important to have a skilled attorney on your side if you are ever hurt on someone else’s property, in order to make sure that the owner(s) is held to the exacting standards of the law in how safe they need to make their property.

Premises liability cases can be very complicated and cover a huge variety of accident types. Dog bites, insufficient security, and pool accidents are just some examples of the wide variety of incidents that fall under the same umbrella of the law. Beyond just the type of accident, the type of property makes a difference. Premises liability cases can happen on public property (like a city park), private property (like a person’s home), or even a workplace. In addition, the relationship of the injured party to the property makes a difference in establishing the owner’s liability. A person who was invited onto the property or who is contracted to work there is more protected under the law than someone who is there without permission, but it’s important to note that even if you are on someone else’s property without their permission, you still have protections under the law if you are injured.

In a premises liability case, the victim has to show the court that the property owner’s negligence played a role in contributing to the accident that caused the injuries. This might mean that the owner failed to repair something that was damaged and posed a hazard, or that other people had previously been hurt in the same way but the owner never did anything to prevent future injuries. Since this can sometimes be difficult to prove, testimony from the victim and any potential witnesses is extremely important. Since people’s memory of events can become cloudy as time passes, it is critical that if you are injured on someone’s property you contact Dimmock and Associates right away who specializes in premises liability cases who can immediately get to work on your case.

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