The Process for Uber Accident Claims

The Process for Uber Accident Claims

When you call an Uber for a ride, the last thing that you expect is to be involved in a car accident.

Similarly, those who hop behind the wheel of a car as part of their daily routine aren’t thinking about the risk of a crash, especially a crash involving an Uber vehicle.

But Uber vehicle accidents do occur, and when they do, having a basic understanding of the Uber accident claims process is a must.

If you’ve been involved in an Uber vehicle-related accident, whether as a passenger, a pedestrian, or a driver of your personal vehicle, here’s a look at how recovering compensation may work–

Collect Insurance Information

Immediately following an accident that involves an Uber vehicle, you should be given information from the Uber vehicle driver regarding the driver’s personal insurance coverage and the Uber insurance coverage (Uber drivers are required to carry both, and Uber provides $1 million in liability coverage for its drivers).

If the driver does not provide you with this information, then you should contact Uber itself to get pertinent insurance information.

Notify Your Own Insurance Company

While you may be covered under the liability insurance provided by Uber, or the personal insurance of the Uber driver depending upon the details of your accident, you should still notify your own insurance company, too.

If you maintain certain insurance types, such as Personal Injury Protection (PIP)/MedPay coverage, collision coverage, or uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, these coverage types may be helpful in compensating you for harm suffered.

Uber Will Open an Investigation

After an incident report form is filed with Uber, the appropriate insurance company will be notified of the accident and the investigative process will begin. The insurance company investigating the accident will attempt to determine fault and damages, ultimately making a decision about whether or not they can offer coverage.

You’ll Be Contacted for Information

As part of the investigative process, you will likely be contacted by at least one insurance company and asked to give a statement about how the accident occurred, your role during the accident, and any injuries you have suffered.

Exercise caution when talking with an insurance adjuster, as what you say can be used against you to ultimately deny your claim. We strongly recommend not giving a recorded statement before talking to a lawyer. Further, do not sign anything given to you by an insurance claims adjuster, especially a release of claim or a release of your medical records.

Hire an Attorney

In theory, the Uber claims process should be relatively straightforward – you provide Uber and relevant insurance companies with notice of the accident, the insurance companies investigate, and you are offered a settlement that compensates you for your harm.

In reality, though, insurance companies are interested in saving money, and therefore will often make any attempt to shirk liability to the greatest degree possible.

Hiring an attorney is an effective strategy for negotiating a settlement and ultimately recouping the amount you deserve. If you have not done so already, schedule your free consultation with an Uber accident lawyer near you today.

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