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My 25% Lawyer is a top product liability attorney based in Atlanta, GA. Our Law firm offers unmatched representation throughout the State of Georgia for your product liability needs. Our 25% flat fee structure creates value for clients by ensuring that they get the largest amount of cash in their pocket after all legal fees and medical expenses are deducted.

Product Liability occurs after someone purchases or uses a product, which causes an injury or bodily harm due to the product being defective. This defect is not caused by user error or damage, but by the manufacturer, after the product was reviewed for quality and sent to the customer/ When product liability occurs, certain pieces of the product may be faulty. When this defect causes you or your family an injury, the company that produces the product may be liable to compensate you for your injuries.  Depending on the product, different parties could be responsible for the defective product. It’s important to have an experienced attorney on your side, to ensure you pursue everyone responsible for your injuries. 

product liability attorney in Atlanta, GA

For a product liability case, it is imperative that the product was defective due to a manufacturing error. In addition, if you are injured by a product (which could be anything from a kitchen appliance to a hearing aid or medical device), save your proof of purchase, this will aid your case. Injury from a product may not seem very severe at first, but it is important that you seek medical attention immediately if injured due to a product you purchased or used.

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