Things to consider when choosing an attorney:

When choosing an attorney it’s important to do your research, and get to know the attorney and firm that could be handling your car accident, slip and fall, medical malpractice, or other serious injury case. While there are many things to consider when researching your potential lawyer, we’ve outlined the 3 most important things to consider.

Availability & How often you and your attorney will speak

One of the most important things to keep in mind, is the availability of your lawyer and how often the lawyer will be able to speak with you about your case. In addition to speaking with the attorney, you may speak with a paralegal or other members of the firm. Its important when choosing a Personal Injury Lawyer to work with, you should consider the case load, size of the firm, and online reviews to help determine their responsiveness to clients. 

Experience of the lawyer & law firm

In addition to a lawyer who is available to speak with you, its important to find an experienced attorney. You want to find a knowledgeable attorney who will not only fight for the highest settlement for you, but also is reputable and respected in and outside of the courtroom.

The cost

Most personal injury attorneys work on what’s called a contingent fee. What this means is that there is no upfront or out of pocket cost, and the attorney only profits if they are successful in getting you a settlement. For personal injury, the average attorney charges 33%, with others reaching as high as 44% of YOUR settlement.

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