What to do When You Get in an Uber Car Accident

Have you ever been apart of a Public Transportation / Ride Sharing / Uber, Lyft, and or Taxi Accident?

When you are injured as a passenger of a taxi or as a client of a Transportation Network Company (TNC), e.g., Uber or Lyft, you deserve fast and fair compensation.  As a rider/passenger of one of these for profit transportation companies, you need accountability and transparency during the claims process. Unfortunately, that is easier said than done!  Commercial insurance carriers are not in the business of paying out money and they do not want to set precedent that they pay out large sums to accident claimants. This is why you need to hire a reputable law firm with experience in representing clients who have been injured in accidents related to commercial transportation services.  

The involvement of another corporate entity in a commercial transportation accident case causes the accident claims process to be more complex than in the case of a typical auto accident.  Since these transportation companies are providing commercial services to the consumer public, their insurance requirements are different than standard personal auto policies. To be able to effectively submit, manage and recover under such commercial insurance policies requires the experience and confidence of an aggressive personal injury law firm.  However, to recover maximum compensation under such insurance policies requires even more – it requires an exceptional law firm dedicated to consumer justice.  We have obtained maximum policy settlements for clients on numerous commercial transportation cases involving taxi companies and TNCs, and we will do the same for you.  We know how to properly set up, manage and document cases so that the insurance companies understand the full effect of resulting injuries on your life and well-being.  

 At Dimmock and Associates, we have handled many claims involving Uber and Lyft passengers and drivers, and we are intricately familiar with their insurance requirements and claims processes. We know how the interplay of the third party driver’s insurance company, the TNC’s insurance company, and your own insurance company have to be strategically manipulated in order to maximize your personal injury case.  

Sometimes, due to overlapping insurance policies, liability is aggressively contested by the applicable commercial insurance carriers.  The challenge then becomes to identify the responsible parties and apportion fault to the appropriate drivers, as applicable. 

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